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second post… westchester ny garage rock 1965-1969

Posted in mp3,music,Westchester NY Records by ynot on the April 4th, 2007

sum mor t’ get sum discussion goin’…

( jest kinda rushin this post so sorry fer lack of info )

dunno nuthin’ bout this ‘un…

snagged it off e-bay coupla few yrs back…

The Saints & Sinners ( Ca. 1965 Moon SS-401 )

“ooh-poo-pah-doo” ( Decent cvr of Jessie Hill 1960 N’awLins MiNiT LaBeL CLaSSiC! )

“mercy, mercy” ( cvr of Don Covay ’64 Soul Rocker! )
both recorded at GLen iSLaNd CaSino in Nu-Ro!

anybody kno ’em? anybody seen ’em? ( or seen other groops at GLen iSLaNd? )

next onto the more well known…
ReN-VeLL ‘BaTTLe of The BaNds’ ( 1967 )

Ren-Vell RV-317 Westchester NY BaTTLe oF THe BaNdS LP ( 1967 )

mines is in CRAPtaStiC shape… ( SkiPs ALL OVr The PLaCe )
and it’s also missing th’ ( Rather Lame ) TiTLe CVr…

but i DU GoTTa thank th’ ONe & ONLy B. Devereaux fer givin it up… GRaTiS

still, there is some ‘charming‘ schtuff on here…

01. Raunch (BRiaRCLiff ) – ”hungry” 2:53 ( decent cvr of P. ReVeRe & Th’ Raiders… )
02. The Night Riders ( PoRtCheSteR ) – ”jenny” 2:32
03. The Vectors ( BRoNX ) – ”angel baby” 2:19
04. The Night Crawlers ( WhiTe PLaiNs ) – ”out of sight” 2:28
05. The Reptiles ( OSSiNiNG ) – ”glass toy” 2:51
06. The Henchmen ( PLEaSantViLLe ) – ”say” 3:07
07. The Gyrations ( YoNkeRS ) – ”steppin stone” 2:20
08. The Mystics ( VaLhaLLa ) – ”lollypop train” 2:47
09. The Hangmen ( EaStCheSteR ) – ”didn’t want to have to do it” 2:40
10. The ‘THE’ ( YoNkeRS ) – ”respect” 2:13
11. The Orphans ( WhiTe PLaiNs ) – ”feel a whole lot better” 2:44
12. th’ TraiTs ( PeLham ) – ”high on a cloud” 3:33

the TRaiTs “high on a cloud” has been comp’d…

hit the 60’s comp database link

if anybody out there can send me a CLEaN CDR of this eL Pee…

it’d be MuCho APPReCiated!

can’t ferget THe TRAiTs AWeSuM ’69 follow-up…

Nobody Likes The HuLk!

better things

here’s the back cvr /w/ lyrics

KeWL 2-sider!

here are th’ ONLy Other 2 Ren-VeLL Rekkids i’ve been able to trak down…

The Sherwoods “Third Summer” / “lonely for you…” RV-318 GoLd LaBeL

found this thru Le iNteRnet SeaRch… fum dealer in fRaNCe!

been awhile since i lissen’d tu it…

so i’ll leave comment fer later…

got this nexter one one fum p. kanze ’bout 15 yrs ago… ( thank yu vely much! )

The Mystics – ”ride my pony” (come) / ”this is what i was made for…”

( 1967? ReN-VeLL RV-320 )

so… the mystery remains… was there a RV-319? ( i dunno… )

btw… by th’ way… the 317 number refers to 317 N. Central Pk Ave W. Plains…

sorta across the street fum where Reggie Pink Harley Motorcycle shop is/was…

and only 1/2 mile fum wheres we’s nows lives!!!

The RAUNCh aLso had anuther SiNGLe…

this one is courtesy of the inimitable RiCk LyNch of YNKRS…

i’m sure i taped it when he dropped by coupla yrs ago…

but i dunno where i’se puts it right now!

here’s th’ Other SeMi-BiGGie WeStCheSter GaRaGe eL Pee…

LiVe aT The CheeTah CLub ( 1967 ) Audio-fideLity CoMP LP
mor bout it in nexter post tho…

i’m a gettin tired…

7 Responses to 'second post… westchester ny garage rock 1965-1969'

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  1. BillDonovan said,

    on February 8th, 2010 at 7:58 pm

    Hello. Really cool to see and hear the Saints and Sinners live at Glen Island. Do you know them…….Bill

  2. Bill Donovan said,

    on August 13th, 2010 at 9:01 pm

    So here is more information about the Saints and Sinners band = 1960s.
    Kevin Brenner – Lead singer; electric piano with right hand, fender piano base with left hand;
    Carl or karl Hamel – guitar
    Stanley – sax
    Nick Ardsay – drum
    The clubs I know about are, Monday nights, at David’s in Manchester Conn; Tuesday nights, at Glen Island Casino, New Rochelle; Wednesday nights at Ship Ahoy, New Rochelle(later, one of the Aft’s); Thursday nights at Jack Tracys, in White Plains(later became the origional Sports Page) Friday noghts, usually on the road at a high school or college, anywhere up and down the east coast; Saturday nights at the Putnam Lake Inn, in Putnam Lake.
    Played to large dance floors. Kevin broke up the band to start a band booking agency, Rustin and Brenner(later CTA)…………………..Bill

  3. John Sweeney said,

    on October 21st, 2011 at 4:31 pm

    Don’t forget Fort Hill Casino on Monday nights& the Upstairs Room on South Bway, Yonkers.

    Kevin & the Saints can’t be righteously called a “garage band”. The garage band moniker evokes amateurs, bad playing, very small set lists, inability to get paid gigs…..

    All Kevin’s guys could PLAY THEIR ASS OFF! Stanley was the closest white guy I ever heard to Junior Walker. Karl Hammill jr was a handsome hunk, who later made a solo singing career. Nick Artsay was embarrassingly competent, great rolls, a firestorm of drums. Kevin himself mastered the Organo left-hand bass, sang, and did credible Fender Rhodes with his right hand, all at the same time. I must divulge that I was in the band from 1967 to 1968. The very success of the band made it hard for me to stay with them Too many jobs. You never dried off. I would use 4-5 shirts a night. Also, Kevin saw himself as a sort of father figure, and I didn’t.

    Kevin passed away a couple of years ago in North Carolina.

    I was also in the Knight Riders. I see you have them listed as “Night Riders”. Here’s the story…. I had a spiral bound notebook with all the names we thought we might use, & we crossed out the rejected names. ( I still have the book).When my old man saw “Night Riders” he said, “Don’t you know that name is Klu Klux Klan stuff? Well, being ignorant Yonkers street urchins, we didn’t know, so I added a “K” to the front, and painted a knight on a horse, and we displayed that painting onstage for the first years of the band, just in case.

    Later, I was drafted, & Billy Vera took my place.

    Nice hearing from Bill. He often played opposite Kevin.


  4. bILL dONOVAN said,

    on December 18th, 2012 at 3:46 am

    Hi John, Hopefully, Rex (or Tony) still reads this stuff….. Kevin died in Statesboro, GA. he was living with his brother George. 2008. And, Rex, and JS played with the Pilgrims that you mentioned a couple of time earlier. J sang MacCarthur Park (spell)

  5. mike amann said,

    on January 7th, 2013 at 1:52 am

    I worked for kevin in the 70’s and totally lost touch. How long did he stay in the talent bus. I knew his brother Paul but not george. . Is Karl still around?

  6. Bob Schuster said,

    on December 4th, 2013 at 3:48 am

    I bought my first Fender Stratocaster (White Alan Jardine model) from Karl Hammill jr for $100 when he was in the S & S. Used with one pickup not working. What did I know?
    Saw them play at the Ship Ahoy in New Rochelle and some yacht club where they shared the stage with a band called the Bleach Boys. Boy was I pissed off after I thought I heard Beach Boys.
    Karl sang “Time Won’t Let Me”. They did a great version of “Mother’s Little Helper” with the sax doing the hook riff.

  7. Bill Donovan said,

    on May 8th, 2014 at 8:07 pm

    To Mike Amann – Kevin booked bands at CTA, the next name of the Ruston & Brenner office out of Bronxville. He, then went on to be a club-owner with partners. He ran Glen Island summers with partners. Last time I spoke to him was in 1996. At that time he was involved with the Chance in Poughkeepsie, NY. He passed in 2008.
    I don’t know about Carl or Karl. there are single 45s posted on youtube as Karl Hamell Jr…… I don’t know if it is the same Carl

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