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LiVe @ Th’ CheeTah ( 1967 Audio FideLiTy CoMP eL Pee ) – ESQUiRes ( Dante Renzi )

Posted in audio,mp3,music,Westchester NY Records by ynot on the March 5th, 2010

this is FiNaLLy th’ follow-up t’ mi fLeekin 2nd post… ( already 3 yrs ago! )
nu blog friend bill donovan ask’d fer it… so here ’tis…
LiVe aT The CheeTah 1967 Audio fideLiTy LP FRoNT
The CheeTah Club was located @ Th’ OLd Riviera Ballroom @ 53rd & Broadway…
a prime mid-town location that was operated by Borden Stevenson…
( son of th’ then late senator Adlai Stevenson )
but enuff ’bout th’ club fer now…
( i may update more so def e-mail me & bookmark this page if innarrest’d )

let’s jump straight t’ th rekkid…following th’ then ‘trend’ this comp is really a cvrs alb…
and mostly of inarrest t’ me is th’ lokel band…
The ESQUiRes…
Jeff Ginman – lead voc, harmonica, tambourine
Rockin’ Dante Renzi – Bass
Jay Savino – gtr
Danny Mahony – Organ
Mike Rubin – drums
who turn in decent enough Stones, Little Anthony & The iMPeRiaLs cvrs…
as well as a rendition of Lil Stevie Wonder’s ’66 hit…
Uptight (Everything’s Alright)

okay, so as this is really sorta a ‘FuRST dRaFt’…
let’s get right t’ th’ songs fer now…
The ESQUiRes – ”PaiNT iT bLaCk!”

The ESQUiRes – ”GeT oFF Mi CLoud!”

The ESQUiRes – ”OuT oF Mi HEad”

The ESQUiRes – ”UPTiGhT!” ( OuT oF SiGhT! )

MaRk ShaW & The PRoPheTs – ”Good LoViN”

MaRk ShaW & The PRoPheTs – ”PaPa’s GoT a bRaNd NU BaG!”

ThuNdeRfRoG ENSeMbLe – ”BaBy DoN’T PuT Me ON!”

and finally… ThuNdeRfRoG ENSeMbLe – ”EVeRybody Needs SuMbody!”

otay… now v. qwikly…
here’s where this ‘sorta neatly ties in…’ —> ffwd back to circa summer 1985… ( ?! )
Jim Gibson & i had sorta tried t’ start a ‘band’…
( we nvr even got t’ th dreaded ‘naming stage’… )
and th’ drummer we had found was DaNTe ReNZi Jr!
he was a WiCk’d Good dRuMMeR…
and had prev ( i believe / seem t’ remember ) been in ARMed FoRCe…
a ‘sumwhut lokel’ ( i believe they were queens/bx/ynkrs ) HM HEaVy MeTaL bar-band…
( i MaY even post their demo – if i can find it! – and if anyone is innarrest’d… )
( if inarrest’d pls t’ e-mail me… )
well… i can tell yu that we ‘TRied’ t’ du sum cvrs…
SLaYeR – “CheMiCaL WaRfaRe!”…
and th’ Then V. PoPuLaR ( thx to heavy mtv airplay )
SUiCidaL TeNdeNCies – “iNSTiTuTiONaLiZed…”
but my vokels were more than creaky…
i jest couldn’t du anything that didn’t sound ‘geeky’…
so we practiced mebbe 3-4 times & decided t’ jest pack it in…
well that’s enuff fer this draft/post/ fer now…
mebbe more to come? ( i dunno… )

oh yeah… here’s th’ back cvr…

LiVe aT The CheeTah! ( 1967 Audio-fideLiTy CoMP eL Pee baCk )

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  1. Bill Donovan said,

    on March 12th, 2010 at 5:39 pm

    Jeff and the Esquires were one of the bands that had most of the good work all locked up, along with The Saints And Sinners led by Kevin. I have the reel to reel tape of this particular appearance, in album form. YNOT does a great job of up-loading every thing he finds. These two bands played at the 42 Club, on Central Ave, and at Glen Island Casino, and Parkway Casino, the three biggest dance clubs in the 60s…………………….Bil

  2. Bryan Ginman said,

    on May 24th, 2010 at 3:07 am

    Jeff Ginman is my Dad. Never ever searched his name and was rather random. Obviously I grew up with this kind of stuff in my acapella in the kitchen when friends got together. Really awesome that you posted this. Really brought back some great memories. Thanks for taking the time – Bryan

  3. Craig Ginman said,

    on May 24th, 2010 at 9:32 am

    Jeff Ginman is my dad too. This is awesome. I was the younger of the two brothers so I didn’t hear his singing as much as I would have liked. PLease post other songs of his if you have them. I would love to hear them.

  4. Bill Donovan said,

    on August 13th, 2010 at 5:53 pm

    To Craig, Bryan and Jeff – – – This is the only recording of the Esquires (that I know of) Mr Mike Rubin, the drummer, left the unit, which changed the unit forever. ….. and I don’t know why your Dad did not continue. I was the only DJ playing records and traveling around in a van witha stage, and lights, and big equipment, just like a band…….so I played this album allot, Uptight allot. When you visit my website link above, you can email me direct (bottom of the page) and also visit my position on Facebook, set up just for these kind of contacts =

  5. BillDonovan said,

    on October 31st, 2011 at 9:44 pm

    Subject is the first Esquires. Doug on drums, Jeff singing, and John Chuck Sweeney….. I can not find any other info except that Doug mentioned this in our last talk on the phone

  6. Joe Laughlin said,

    on October 26th, 2013 at 11:13 pm

    I remember the Esquires when they played at Foley and O’Brians in Eastchester, NY. My sister knew Mike, the drummer. My sister and I would sit at the band’s table to the right of the stage. They were the best cover band and a joy to dance to their music. I played guitar and loved the sounds that Jay produced on his Fender Telecaster.

    Saw them play at the Glen Island Casino on 6/14/66
    We went to the Cheetah on 8/5/66 to hear them.

  7. Haroldo said,

    on March 27th, 2014 at 11:08 pm

    Have audio tape of a complete Saturday night (a good two hours of actual music) at Foley and O’Briens which was recorded and sent to me while I was in the Army in Germany, 1963. Transferred from reel to reel to cassettes many years ago. Was the original bunch, with Jeff, Bobby Cover, Jimmy Peligrino and Ned Baker. Originally recorded on 4-Track with stereo mikes and equipment. Amazingly good quality for the time. The quality of the musicians may have been better later on, but these guys had more fun.

  8. Bill Donovan said,

    on March 4th, 2015 at 3:25 am

    Heraldo….. I can convert the tapes to mp3 files for you. Labor of Love. I am a fan of the band. contact me.

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