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Bob RaY STaRkeR… a ‘mystery’ no more…

Posted in audio,live bands,music by ynot on the July 10th, 2008

BoB STaRkeR 1993 ChiMP3 7iNCh EP

a week-and-a-half-or-so ago i was pleasantly surpirised t’ get a comment on th’ blog…
…to which i replied & then recv’d this e-mail…

Hey Tony!

I’m really glad you liked the disc so much… when I recorded that stuff I was between bands, sick to death of guitar players (now I am one), tired of writing lyrics no one ever heard, blah, blah, blah. So I holed up in a basement in Cambridge MA and played around with my 4-track until I had enough stuff to put out a cassette called “Noisy Sounds That Sound Like Noise”. I doubt anyone still has it; I’m not sure I even have a copy left. It got reviewed in some Boston music rag, but they didn’t take it seriously, and I just sort of passed it out to friends. One of those people was Morgan Andrews, and he was just then thinking about launching the Chimp label, so he asked me to pick 7 of the tunes, and boing… I had a 7″ piece o’ vinyl with my name on it. Yay me!

I dunno how many were pressed… Morgan gave me a stack to sell on my own, and we never really talked business beyond that. I was just happy to have the damn thing out there. I haven’t seen Morgan in about 14 years, but a couple of months ago I ran into some guys from Kudgel at a Big Dipper/Great Plains show at Southpaw in Brooklyn (loooong story), and THEY claimed that Mr. Andrews was now a traveling puppeteer. No shit.

Anyway, when I moved to Columbus in ’94 I put up fliers that looked similar to the 7″ artwork, trying to find musicians, and this guy named Nick came up to me at a show and asked if I was the same Bob Starker sax guy. He loved the record, but we never formed a band or anything. He runs a studio now, and another band I’m in (the True Moves) records there a lot.

It’s weird… I never really made any money from the record, but it keeps popping up in the hands of really interesting people who wind up being part of my life somehow. Sorta like I threw a rock in the ocean, and it didn’t start a tidal wave, but every few years I see a familiar ripple. I like that.

I’m digging all the stuff you posted with my music… I downloaded both parts last night. Very cool. I’ve never had digital versions of anything besides THUG PARADE, so thanks for that. Maybe I’ll load ’em all onto the MySpace page. I’m seriously thinking about recording some new instrumental sax-skronk. I’ll let you know if I do. I’m glad you like the WHOA NELLIE! stuff too. I don’t meet a lot of people who can appreciate both those extremes. Clearly, you and I are both frigging geniuses.

Damn, I wrote a book here… stay in touch, and thanks for everything,

Bob Ray Starker

if’n y’ wanna czech out sum REaL AMeRiCaNa STyLe RooTs RoCk
i def recommend y’ go on over t’
WOah NeLLie is Th’ REaL DEaL… heartfelt alt country / bar rock…
NO ‘MeMPhiS as HiLLbiLLy HoLLywood HyPe’ Toby KeiTh / TRaViS TRiTT type BS!
if y’ dig 16 HoRSePoWeR & STeVe EaRLe… i think you’ll dig WOah NeLLie!

Bob’s got sum SchTuFF on MySPaCe t’ czech out & also sum SChTuFF t’ buy & d/l…
also pls support th’ artist… if y’ dug whut i posted…
why don’tcha paypal bob a coupla few bucks…
whatever y’ feel… whatever y’ can…
here’s his e-mail

AFI live at Rockin’ Rex!

Posted in live bands,music,rockin' rex,video by kp on the April 29th, 2007


july 23, 1995

mpeg cut in tmpeg, video encoded to wmv using winFF @ 323.04kbps, 29.97fps, 320×240, 1:33:1