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Imperfect Teeth

oh yeah, almost forgot about the major dental work B had.  Cavities were out of control.  Despite all the holes, B didn’t really show signs that she was hurting.  However it was time to get her teeth under control so she went under anesthesia and had her top 4 front teeth pulled, a couple in the back we think, root canal, and lots of silver crowns.  We have been brushing her teeth more diligently now even though it is quite the battle each time.  Singing our toothbrush song and counting to 20 helps, along with her random helpers in the morning like cookie monster, toilet paper roll, gopher, fred & ginger, etc…


Let's go dentists, doctors and nurses!

Let’s go dentists, doctors and nurses!

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By kp
On March 16, 2014
At 3:51 pm
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Niklas Says:

Dr. YNOT to the rescue! Please record a video of the toothbrush song.

kp Says:

The toothbrush song is a demo rare and unreleased


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