Bianca X!

Bianca eats, sleeps and poops


Progress Report

Well B’s making great progress in school.  She can write her own name (first + last), and now learning her 10s in counting.  She counts to twenty but regularly skips the number 13 for reasons superstitious we suppose.  Reading is going nicely, she can read a whole bunch of words now and is able to copy words into her ipad and search the web.  Although that has its hazards!

Behavior wise can use some help.  She can get defiant (wonder where she gets that from?), and refuse to do her work.  She will also deliberately spill or throw things at times, and hit other children.  Working on it!!!  Definitely unpredictable this girl.  Learning how to wait out and go through her spells.

All in all, she is cooking along!

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By kp
On March 16, 2014
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