Bianca X!

Bianca eats, sleeps and poops


progress report

So long time no write and Bianca has been doing well!

Potty – at home, pretty good!  She now goes to potty on her own while at home.  And being that she is constantly drinking, she goes a lot!  We have even had success out of the home.  So hopefully we will not have to spend our $$$ on diapers soon

Speech – B is now speaking short sentences which is really cool.  She definitely understands so much more than she can speak but she is on her way to speaking.  She even sings twinkle twinkle, itsy bitsy spider, and her favorite song Happy Birthday.  Everyone and everything gets a happy birthday song!

Physical – B continues to take dance classes and has started gymnastics as well.  Balance is still a little crazy when she gets excited but she is able to focus better.

School – B will be transitioning to the kindergarten system next September (eegads!).  Will be meeting with the school district soon so we shall see how it goes.  She is definitely enjoying her time at school now and loves the smart board.  She also loves her brother’s itouch and has inadvertently posted a video of herself on her brother’s fb wall 😛

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On December 29, 2011
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that time again

another year, another picture, same shirt, lol

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