Bianca X!

Bianca eats, sleeps and poops



Today was Bianca’s last day at her current school : (  we will miss all her teachers, therapists and everyone else.  Graduation yesterday was very sweet.  She surprisingly kept her hat on for quite a while!  Happily we didn’t miss graduation as we overslept and missed the bus.  Thank goodness for the bus beeping to wake us all up!

Tomorrow, all new bus, school, teachers, therapists and friends!

We are also very excited about signing up for dance class with two friends from school : )  Can’t wait!

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By kp
On August 31, 2010
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potty time!

Bianca signed potty yesterday so we went to the bathroom and sat her on the potty.  Lo and behold, she peed!  She’s been signing potty the past few weeks and this was the first opportunity we had to go to her potty.  Woohoo!  Nothing like a pot of pee to make us excited. TMI?

8.31 update: no success the past week until before bedtime tonight!  She signed potty and headed to the bathroom and wee! : )

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By kp
On August 22, 2010
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