Bianca X!

Bianca eats, sleeps and poops


talking talking happy talk

hey!  Bianca’s starting to actually SAY words!  woo hoo!

Hi, Bye, More, Ball, Bird, Daddy, Mama, Dog, Eyes, O

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By kp
On May 25, 2010
At 10:34 pm
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disco disco let’s go to mt kisco

We went to the cdls awareness day in Mt Kisco…thanks to Ingrid for arranging a great event!
We met lots of great people, had fun and yummy cake. : )

Just this past week, we’ve been able to get Bianca to verbalize “eyes”, “more”, “ball”, “hi”, “bye”, “daddy”, “mama”, “up”.  It’s been a great speech week!

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By kp
On May 13, 2010
At 9:52 pm
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