Bianca X!

Bianca eats, sleeps and poops


3am update

hmm…so I’m awake at 3am after falling asleep with Bianca at 8pm…so here’s an update finally!
Bianca’s vocalizing more, still no words (although she can say mama, daddy).  There was a note from school that she said “Maggie” although I’m finding that hard to picture/hear.  She does tip toes, ikot ikot (turns) and skipping.  Lots of running!  Good thing we’ve moved and no longer have neighbors underneath us.  And she’s climbing up and down stairs with minimal assistance.  She’s now at 18lbs and 30″.  Not that heavy except when she wants to be carried for prolonged periods of time!

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By kp
On March 7, 2010
At 2:57 am
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