Bianca X!

Bianca eats, sleeps and poops


I’m walkin’ here!

Bianca’s really loving to walk these days. She’s now able to walk the whole living room and turn corners as long as someone’s following her. Maybe another month till she’s really walking? Everyone at the daycare is so proud of her!   She could barely sit on her own when she first started in November and now she’s able to walk short distances!  April will be her last full month at daycare though 🙁 cos she’ll be going to center based therapy in May. We’re hoping she can still go to the daycare for a half day since her teachers and classmates are so much fun for her. We shall see. Hopefully she will be able to get much more speech therapy to help her communicate. Maybe more signs as well.

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By kp
On March 31, 2009
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clap your hands and say yeah!

Milestone for Bianca today. She clapped her hands by herself! Two-handed functions are something that PT and OT have been working on for a while, and today she clapped. Hooray!

And we finally got around to submitting Bianca’s profile to the album – see Bianca’s profile

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On March 13, 2009
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