Bianca X!

Bianca eats, sleeps and poops


click click click

just mommy click click clicking…one more day of pool left! : ( and then of course forecasts are for 90 degree weather this tuesday and wednesday!

Bianca is making great strides! She is much better at sitting by herself for longer periods of time. She is now able to drag herself on the floor to get to random plastic things. On the bed, she is even pushing her butt up in her efforts to crawl. Waving to people is now one of her big things these days too… hooray for PT!

Oh, also lots of fingers sucking.  Teeth soon?  None yet!!!

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By kp
On August 31, 2008
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New (used) camera!

hey…mommy got a new toy!

new camera! (kind of)

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By kp
On August 26, 2008
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Bianca turns 1!

Bianca is 1!  Happy Birthday!  Cha-cha-cha!

Bianca is now 12lbs 14oz and just about 25 inches.  Woo hoo! Renal ultrasound and echocardiogram came back ok.  OT therapy 2x a week to start soon.  Speech eval done. Bianca and Daddy will be busy!

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By kp
On August 19, 2008
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