Bianca X!

Bianca eats, sleeps and poops


Who’s drinking a chocolate shake?!

“Not me!”

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On July 26, 2008
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About time for an update! What did we do? Went to have a renal ultrasound and an echocardiogram. Didn’t discuss the results yet, I guess at the next check up. Bianca did not enjoy the echo nor the ultrasound. She kept trying to swat the echo lady’s hand to stop it.

Had OT evaluation.  Should be receiving once a week…need to do speech eval soon.

What else? ooh! Parent-tot swimming classes. Even kuya took Bianca once. As long as the water’s not too cold, she likes swimming. Bianca kicks and swats at the water.

Bus ride to NYC! Went with mommy down to Rockefeller Center on the bus to meet with mommy’s 5th grade teacher found through facebook(!)

Anything else? Finally using Baby Bjorn again and this time she’s not swimming in it!

Got a new music kit. Loves it. Makes lot of noise with the tambourine, maracas, cymbals!!!

Lots of new things this past month. Pictures to come soon (if Mommy doesn’t procrastinate and kuya lets her use the computer…)

Soon – Bianca turns 1!!!

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