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We’re still here!

Well it’s been a long time…glad I can still log in to post!

B is in 3rd grade (special ed) and is doing super well. She is reading, writing and doing math.  Singing and dancing are what she loves best.  And going to the annual Blythedale concert fundraiser so she can meet her favorite Rob Thomas for our annual photo!  Here’s a compilation of photos throughout the years. We’re on our 7th year, woo! 😀  This is now one of our Christmas traditions 🙂

And we made it on to News 12!


Now that I’ve logged in again, hopefully more posts coming.  B loves to draw as well so you’ll be seeing lots of those.

Happy Holidays!

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Long time no blog!

hello everyone!  long time no blog. busy, busy, busy!

B is finally starting to poop in the potty, yay, TMI!  Ah the joys of potty training.

Today is father’s day so happy father’s day daddy!!!

B is into puzzles and dancing. Click here to see the recital rehearsal. B can also read all the letters now and favorite books are Dr. Seuss’s ABC and Hop on Pop.  We read those every night.

B is also into dressing herself these days, sometimes the other way.  Anyway that’s a quick update.  Hopefully more frequent updates to come.

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november news

Hi all!  Long time no update.  Been busy busy.  “B” is enjoying her dance class and is progressing in all areas very energetically!  She has settled into her new school and we are looking forward to turkey bowling this coming week.  : )

Here is a video of “B” as she now calls herself (sometimes B-ca) at dance.  Other photos to follow soon, hopefully!

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me and kuya

i <3 kuya!!!  see me laugh and laugh and laugh at him in the video below


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Hello world!

Welcome to Bianca’s blog. Videos, pix and general blabbing…

Bianca hiccups in the video below!
hic! cups

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